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Paddy Power Betting Shop Finder

Paddy Power has branches spread across the UK and of course, Ireland. Locate your nearest Paddy Power betting shop using the information below.

In a hurry? Online betting is far quicker and more convenient than having to travel to your local betting shop. If you visit Paddy Power on your phone or computer, you can be up and running in minutes and receive benefits that shop customers don’t receive.

Why Bet Online with Paddy Power?

Upon registering with Paddy Power online as a new customer (which you are eligible for if you’ve only been a betting shop customer previously) you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A joining bonus for new online customers
  • Bets from wherever you are with your phone
  • Speed of betting – no queuing or waiting
  • Regular special offers only available to online customers
  • No paper form-filling
  • Withdraw and deposit direct to a bank account or online wallet

I’ve been to a Paddy Power betting shop near me and I have to say that in my own experience, online is a far superior way to place your bets. There’s no travel involved and no waiting.

Given, some punters will prefer the feeling of cold hard cash winnings in their hand and I must say that is really the only thing that I miss from visiting the local Paddy Power shop. But don’t get me wrong, the betting shops are good once in a while and I still go there every so often.

Keeping their betting money separate from other money can be one of the issues that betting shop visitors like to consider. My solution for this was to get a separate debit card for online betting and limit to whatever I put in there.

In my case, I use the Revolut card for betting activity – which is also a really good card for the best exchange rates when going overseas. So, it serves a dual purpose.

Nearby Paddy Power Betting Shops

To find your nearest Paddy Power land-based betting shop, the information is available on the Paddy Power website here.

Trust me in that it’s certainly also worth getting an online account with them.

What time do Paddy Power betting shops open?

This varies between each betting shop but, in general, can be as early as 7:30 am and as late as 10:00 am.

What time does the Paddy Power betting shop close?

Closing times vary for each shop. Many are open as late as 10:00 pm.

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